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Fascination with nature. Our world is full of wonderful places and moments that touch and delight our senses. Discover the multi-faceted beauty of the earth with the puzzles of the Nature Edition and be enchanted by grandiose pictures of unique moments. With more than 300 adult puzzle pieces ranging from 300 to 40,320 pieces, the Ravensburger assortment has the right puzzle for everyone. Our decades of experience in making jigsaw puzzles not only enable the best selection of beautiful motifs, they also guarantee our premium quality with Softclick Technology. Throughout the manufacturing process, we place the highest demands on materials and processing. Therefore, hand-drawn punching templates and punching tools, which are handcrafted with precision watchmaking, for the greatest possible accuracy of fit and variety of shapes of the puzzle pieces. Experience the Ravensburger passion for quality while discovering how one fits the other.