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Kids have been making silly Play-Doh hairstyles since the 1970s, and the hair hilarity keeps getting better! With their own salon, so many colors, and a variety of tools, kids have a fun way to express themselves through the creative styles they come up with.

  • Create long, lovely, and laugh-out-loud locks that rock! If you keep adding Play-Doh compound to the hair-growing mechanism, it'll keep getting longer and longer. Switch it up with the 3 styling head pieces to create Play-Doh hair of different shapes and thicknesses.
  • Which is more fun, growing the Play-Doh hair or cutting it? Take those clippers and give the customer a trim, or grab the (pretend!) razor and shave the whole thing off. And then remind your little hair-stylist it's only ok to cut Play-Doh hair with them.
  • There are lots of different kinds of hairstyles in this world, and the styling tools help kids try them out. Make tight little waves with the crimping tool, tie it into a ponytail with the ties, stamp and roll braids, and create crazy curls with the curlers!