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Puzzle for adults 500 pieces Size of complete puzzle: 49 x 36 cm The most attractive images, the widest range of formats and our quality from Clementoni represents a range that is the gold standard for puzzle lovers around the world. Clementoni has always been attentive to the environment, using largely recycled materials and avoiding the use of polluting components. Made in Italy. Go to the Clementoni help area to use the lost parts service.

  • Adult Jigsaw Puzzle 500 Pieces
  • Total size: 49 x 36 cm
  • The most atmospheric images, the largest variety of pieces and the quality of Clementoni for a line that is a reference for all puzzle pieces
  • Clementoni has always been sensitive to the problem of ecology, a wide use of recycled materials and avoids the use of environmentally harmful components. Made in Italy
  • Visit the Clementoni Assistant for the Lost Pieces Service section.