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The slightly larger puzzle fun. Do you know it? You can see or test a new product, you are enthusiastic about it and you wonder why it has not been there long ago when it is so simple. So you will have to go with this puzzle with larger parts. The puzzle pieces are about half the size of the usual adult pieces, making the motif easier to see on them. It is amazing how much (more) fun puzzle is with it. See for yourself. With more than 300 adult puzzle designs from 300 to 40,320 pieces, Ravensburger has the right puzzle for everyone. Our decades of experience in the production of puzzles not only allows the best selection of beautiful motifs, but also ensures our premium quality with softclick technology. Throughout the manufacturing process, we place the highest demands on the materials and the workmanship. This is why hand-drawn die cutting templates and punching tools, which are made with watchmaker's precision by hand, ensure the greatest possible fit and variety of shapes of the puzzle pieces. Experience the Ravensburger passion for quality when discovering how one fits the other.

  • Larger parts
  • Format: 61 x 49 cm / 49 x 61 cm
  • Suitable for children over 14 years
  • Gold Edition