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Type: GAME

You'll have a chomping' good time with the classic hippo-feeding hungry hippos game. Hungry hippo and his Pals are ready to join in the feeding frenzy, and when you release all the marbles onto the game base, they’ll be chomping after them. You can be hungry hippo, veggie Potamus, sweetie Potamus or Bottomless Potamus. Whichever hippo you choose, you’ll have to move fast, because if your hippo chomps the most marbles, you win. Elefun and friends and all related characters are trademarks of Hasbro.

  1. Marble-chomping

    You’ll have a chompin’ good time with this ELEFUN & FRIENDS HUNGRY HUNGRY HIPPOS GAME. Once you release the marbles, the feeding frenzy begins! You’ll need to move fast because all the hippos around the board will be chomping at the same time. The faster you press its tail, the faster the hippo will eat the marbles.

  2. Feeding-frenzy fun

    For an additional way to win, be the first to chomp the golden marble and be the instant winner! Whether you choose VEGGIE POTAMUS, BOTTOMLESS POTAMUS, SWEETIE POTAMUS or HUNGRY HIPPO, you are sure to have feeding frenzy fun! The HUNGRY HUNGRY HIPPOS GAME is easy to assemble and fits back in the box for easy storage and cleanup.

  3. Fast-action, hippo-feeding game

    If your hippo chomps the most marbles, you win the game! You can also play to win by being the first hippo to chomp the golden marble.