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Get into the swing of things with the Fantastic Gymnastics game. Players will need to time their rhythm and speed to gain momentum and get the gymnast figure rotating around the high bar. At the right moment, press and hold the release button to dismount the gymnast, and try to stick the perfect landing.

  • Stick the Perfect Landing

    Can you stick it? Practice getting just the right rhythm and speed it takes to get the gymnast rotating around the high bar. Hit the yellow button when the gymnast is in his back swing. When he is rotating faster around the high bar, press and hold the red release button to try and get him to land on the mat--feet first to score! Play solo or challenge friends to a tournament. Step-by-step instruction sheet also features helpful tips for getting the perfect 100-point score.

    Fantastic Gymnastics and all related properties are trademarks of Hasbro.

  • Spin, Release, Land, Score

    Press the yellow button on the base to make the gymnast figure kick his legs and build momentum as he rotates around the high bar. Press the yellow button when the gymnast is in his back swing to build momentum quickly. Press the button faster to keep the gymnast in full rotation around the high bar. Then get ready to try for the perfect landing. Press and hold the red button to have him release at the right time so that he lands standing straight up on the mat. Where he lands on the mat determines how many points each player will get. Tournament bracket is included to keep track of high scores and see who advances to the finals.

  • Land Like a Pro

    Becoming a champion gymnast takes great skill, focus, and a lot of practice. With this game, practice getting the feel for how to press the yellow button to gain speed and momentum. Always press the yellow button when the gymnast is in his back swing; slower to start and faster to keep him rotating around the high bar. Imagine what it feels like to swing on a swing, and then knowing just when to hit the release button to stick the landing. It can be exciting and fun for players to practice solo or challenge friends to a gymnastic tournament.